Lahoz sent home after Lionel Messi critics at the World Cup 2022
Lahoz sent home after Lionel Messi critics at the World Cup 2022

Lahoz dished out 15 yellow cards during World Cup 2022 quarterfinal between Argentina vs Netherlands, which will be now his last game officiating at Qatar.

Mateu Lahoz will not be officiating any of the remaining games at the World Cup as he ‘heads home from Qatar’, according to COPE.

The referee’s final game was the feisty quarter-final clash between Argentina and Holland where he dished out an incredible 15 yellow cards.

Lahoz officiated Argentina vs Holland – dishing out an incredible 15 yellow cards

The 45-year-old referee’s performance was not well received by either team – with Argentina’s players particularly vocal about his officiating.

It was a record of World Cup history, as Lahoz dished out an incredible 15 yellow cards during the Argentina vs Holland clash

The critics from Messi and Martinez for Lahoz who is sent HOME from the World Cup

The Argentina’s pair were unhappy with Lahoz as there were heavy critics from Lionel Messi. Messi and Lahoz were no strangers as they met several times during his spell with Barcelona at La Liga.

The 35-year-old said: ‘I think Fifa must take care of this, it cannot put a referee like that for a match of such magnitude, of such importance. The referee cannot fail to be up to the task.’

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It would appear that Messi has been granted his wish by Fifa – not allowing him to officiate in the semi-finals or the final. 

Argentina ‘keeper Emi Martinez joined his skipper in criticising the official’s display. 

Mateu Lahoz is sent HOME from the World Cup following Messi’s critics

Martinez said: ‘The referee was just giving everything for them.

Toal keeper went on branding Lahoz ‘useless’ with the referee giving 10 minutes added time ‘for no reason’.

According to the Villa’s shot-stopper, Lahoz wished to see Netherlands score and win.

Next up for Argentina

As it stands, Lahoz now exited while Argentina advanced to the semi-final, where they face Croatia.

To add some more, La Albiceleste skipper Messi would not be sanctioned from his critics post-match against Lahoz.

The upcoming final matches of the FIFA world cup will now be in balance after the exit of Mateu Lahoz.


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