World Cup 2022 – Group stage complete

World Cup 2022 Group stage complete
World Cup 2022 Group stage complete

Group stage now complete with all the ties of last-16 set revealing exciting games ahead and revealing remaining nations’ route to the World Cup final.

World Cup 2022 – Group stage complete, it’s time look at how the remainder of the tournament will play out in the knockout phase.

Teams that remained and their routes to the final

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Japan, Korea Republic, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland and USA have made it through to the last 16.

Below are routes those teams must take to reach the final

Last 16

Last 16 ties
Last 16 ties
  • Match 49 – Saturday, 3 December Netherlands-USA
  • Match 50 – Saturday, 3 December Argentina-Australia
  • Match 51 – Sunday, 4 December England-Senegal
  • Match 52 – Sunday, 4 December France-Poland
  • Match 53 – Monday, 5 December Japan-Croatia
  • Match 54 – Monday, 5 December Brazil-Korea Republic
  • Match 55 – Tuesday, 6 December Morocco-Spain
  • Match 56 – Tuesday, 6 December Portugal – Switzerland

The potential clashes

Based on the branches that was set, reigning champions France could very well face Croatia in the final as a rematch of 2018 World Cup’s last game.

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Meanwhile for the world cup favorites, South American giant and number 1 title contender Brazil will be on their ways to go against Argentina on the way to the World Cup final. This should be Selecao’s best shot to revenge the heartbroken defeat of Copa America 2021 final.

England, Spain and Portugal are set to clash for the European battles for a place in the title-deciding game.

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