Let us do this quick, shall we. This is the 2022 FIFA World Cup confederations power rankings for matchday two.

1. (up 3) CAF – 3W 1D 1L

The continent of Africa garners the spotlight for matchday two after several inspiring outings. Let us go through the more significant ones.

Bright spots

Morocco – The Atlas Lions were so good, they made Belgium turn on each other. Reportedly.

Ghana – Considering their performance on matchday one, it was only a matter of time when Ghana would etch out a win. Unfortunately for South Korea, it had to be against them.

Senegal – After a first day defeat, Senegal eliminated the hosts and gave themselves a chance for a KO round slot.


Tunisia – Their scoreless draw against Denmark was followed by a loss to Australia. That is not good at all.

2. (up 1) CONMEBOL – 2W 1D 1L

Once again, Brazil and Argentina carried the continent to success.

Bright spots

Brazil – Two victories have been a luxury in this edition of the World Cup. Brazil is one of those in rarefied position.

Argentina – The GOAT and Argentina made up for the first matchday blunder with a rousing 2-0 win over Mexico.


Uruguay – A draw and a loss. Those are the recipe for putting yourself in peril.

3. (down 1) UEFA – 4W 5D 4L

The first of several inter-confederation matches occurred on the second matchday, which is essentially a net-zero affair for UEFA (see: Germany versus Spain).

Bright spots

Portugal – Below is a hypothetical conversation between Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal’s win against Uruguay.

France – With six points, France is in a three-way tie for best team of the tournament so far.

Poland – Robert Lewandowski and company made sure there would be no Saudi Arabia magic this time.

Croatia – Matchday two was vintage 2018 Croatia. They are back, probably.


England – From six goals to none. Is the United States really a jump in competition compared to Iran?

Wales – They were supposed to be the spanner in the works on Group B. However, they are playing like a Pot D team, which they officially are.

Belgium – Heavy is the head that wears the crown, as they say. Thing is, Belgium is not wearing any.

4. (down 3) AFC – 2W 0D 4L

Team Asia is brought back down to earth as the football world order self-corrected.

Bright spots

Iran – Being victorious against Wales is not as grand as winning against Argentina, but Team Melli will take it.

Australia – Iran and Australia replaced Saudi Arabia and Japan as the darlings of Asia on this matchday.


Japan – Not exactly tit for tat, but to Japan, it feels like it.

Qatar – The first country to be eliminated; such is the bane of being on Group A.

5. (stay) CONCACAF – 1W 1D 2L

A lackluster overall showing has CONCACAF at the bottom yet again.

Bright spots

Costa Rica – It turns out Costa Rica is the lone bright spot for North America on this matchday.


Canada – If anything, Canada took the role of Panama in 2018. Just maintain their trajectory of development, and Les Rouges will be back in this stage sooner than 40 years.

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